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Because special days require a special touch

Wedding Chauffeur Services

With Platinum Cars you can expect the most prestigious chauffeur services for weddings, as we pride ourselves on excellence and our highly professional chauffeurs who are committed to making your big day run smoothly and punctually. We offer the most luxurious wedding chauffeuring services with a collection of classic wedding cars, including Mercedes Benz S-Class & V-Class and Rolls Royce Ghost.

Your chauffeur will also be available to assist you with a personal photography shoot with the luxury vehicle. We will make sure you get your perfect wedding pictures, for which we will do everything we can to also cooperate with your wedding photographer. We’re committed to providing you with the most luxurious chauffeur services for your wedding which you can entirely rely on. Our prestigious fleet of high-end vehicles are available to add that extra element of style to your big day. Do you have a special request for your wedding day? We’d be happy to fulfill your exact requirements with an instant quotation for your wedding chauffeured car hire or any other chauffeuring needs you might have for special occasions. Get an instant quote or contact us today to discuss any personal requirements and to book your car.

Luxury vehicles available to accommodate the happy couple



As a Platinum Cars Account holder, you will receive priority status over cash and credit card bookings at all times.

Departure VIP Airport Services

Our service begins from the moment you arrive at the airport where you will be met by your personal representative.

  • Our representative will meet you on arrival at the airport.
  • Our representative will take you through check-in and security.
  • Available for up to 4 people.
  • Fast-tracked through airport security checks (where available).
  • Access to one of our executive airport lounges (where available).
  • Assistance with personal shopping.
  • Escorted to your departure gate.
  • Pre-boarded (where available).

Arrival VIP Airport Services

Our team will be waiting for you at the aircraft gate, where you will be fast tracked through the airport and escorted to your waiting transport.

  • We liaise with your airline about the arrival time and gate number of your flight.
  • Available for up to 4 people.
  • You will be met at the aircraft gate.
  • Escorted through immigration.
  • Fast-tracked (where available).
  • Assist with baggage reclaim.
  • Escorted to your departure gate.
  • W will escort you to your waiting driver / transport.

Connection VIP Airport Services

If you’re transferring between terminals – or within the same terminal we want to help make the next phase of your journey as smooth as possible.

  • We will reconfirm - taking care of any last minute changes.
  • Available for up to 4 people.
  • Our VIP team will escort you through to immigration or your transit area.
  • A representative will help with your luggage, including any check-through.
  • Any spare time can be spent at one of our airport lounges (where available).
  • Assistance with personal shopping.
  • Escorted to your departure gate.
  • We will escort you right to your departure gate in good time for your onward journey.